Monday, January 25, 2010

What is...?

Although, I have a Facebook and a Livejournal, I'm giving this a go. Technically, I still have a Myspace, but I haven't logged in since August. I was bored in the hospital, can ya blame me? That shall be deleted soon.

I've recently began to crave learning about new things. Learning new crafts, or just random facts. I can sit on my phone, searching random things in Wikipedia, Google or wherever. Thankfully, I was shown the ways of Now I can earn stuff, while I search randomly. I even enjoy watching Jeopardy and Cash Cab. You can learn such random things, it's great!

Like today, did you know it's the 50th birthday of the invention of bubble wrap?

Just a random picture for your viewing pleasure:
 This was taken on January 12th. As you can see, I'm scraping ice off my windshield. Go figure, in Florida.

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  1. Brigid! Congratulations on your new blog. So bubble wrap has been around for 50 years???? Why didn't we start getting it in our packages until the 90's? Who was holding out on us? Probably the styrofoam peanut makers. Good luck with blogging and I'll put you on my faves and stop by to visit!