Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clean up is a snap!

In 2007 I purchased a new living room set from Rooms To Go. Bought into that whole microfiber suede craze. The sales man convinced me that it couldn't be punctured or stained. I figured this fabric was from the future, so I bought it. It was gorgeous. I still wonder why I chose a red love seat and cream sofa. Within a month, my cat Sally had clawed her way across the front of the couch. And over the last 5 years it's been stained, and cleaned, and stained and cleaned. Now they sold me on the whole 'use this fabric cleaner and it'll be like new'. Yah right. What they don't tell you about microfiber is that if it gets wet then this nice little dark ring dries and makes a new stain. So over the years, I've been scrubbing, steaming and soaking my cushions to get them clean. Until I joined Pinterest, that is. I've been seeing DIY cleaners for this fabric, but in reading on another blog, most people just toss the cushion covers in the washer and dryer. I figured what the heck, they're 5 years old, if my red love seat turns pink, so be it.

The following 2 are before. Most the small stains are from my heard of pets.

This is my beagle Haley keeping warm on one of Florida's colder days.

And here is after washing! Tada. There are a few spots left, but it's 98% clean. Real soft too!

I forgot to take before and after pictures for the red love seat but the results were amazing! Didn't see ANY spots on the red one.

Here's what I did:

  ~ Removed the covers.
  ~Turned inside out and zipped up almost all the way.
  ~Washed in warm water with my regular detergent and a spot of Borax.
  ~Dried on the low heat setting.
  ~Before putting the covers back on, I sprayed the cushions with my DIY fabric freshener.

So far so good. Now I know if something spills, they're easier to clean!

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